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Why Not Help Set Up Our New Members Space?

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Comhlámh is currently working on organising and setting up a members meeting space.What does that mean?

Rather then just doing workshops or having to sign up to groups relating to certain topics, we feel it to be hugely important to have a relaxed meeting space also, where returned development workers and volunteer members can meet up and chat and mingle with each other on a monthly basis.

We will also try to arrange within this space key evenings whereby on prior group agreement or interest to have guest speakers, movie nights, cultural evenings etc.

This group is still very much in its planning stages and we are very open to any members who would like to come on board in its fledgling stage to harness ideas and how to get things up and running.



Míde Ní Bhriain here at Comhlámh has had meetings with Grace O’Neil, a very active returned development worker who has arranged such meetings on a smaller scale and we are delighted that she is joining us on this venture and is so far an inspiration with ideas for such a group.

Comhlámh is steadfast in the belief of giving our members a voice, and we feel many things could come out of such a meeting space amongst our members. Exciting times indeed.

If any of our members have any ideas or would like to be involved please contact Míde Ní Bhriain at intern@comhlamh.org or indeed call our office on 01-4783490 and ask for Míde. 

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